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The concept of Group Discussion has not been a part of the regular academic curriculum in Colleges and Universities. So, students usually face a lot of problem in this area of the Selection Process. Let us first understand why Group Discussion is conducted.

Group Discussion has been a part of the Selection process for entering into most of the top Colleges, Business Schools and Organizations.

Most organizations today are very clear about the skills and knowledge that they look for in a candidate while screening. This was not the case a couple of years ago.

An interview is an important opportunity for students or candidates to meet to be evaluated for selection, whatever the reason for the selection may be.

This task is approached in different ways, with specific purposes and objectives. It is important for you to be able to ascertain quickly as to what type of interview you are facing, to be able to take a stance that fulfils the purpose of the interview.

Enroll for personal interview coaching and find out for yourself how well you fare. The training gives you a fair idea of how you would actually perform in front of the interview panel as also gives you the scope to improve while there is still time.